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The MCS 500, a 5-axis system, offers unique benefits to hole-drillers, as well as those micro-machining metals, ceramics and composite materials with high precision. Applications cut across a wide range of market segments, such as Aerospace, Energy (Industrial Gas Turbines), Defense, Medical, Automotive, Hard Material Tool Making, and General Metal Micro-Machining.

The Laser MicroJet technology at a glance
The Laser MicroJet® technology enables substantial reduction of total cost of ownership in high-precision material processing. The unique water guided laser beam cuts and drills perfectly parallel and clean kerfs or holes with virtually no heat impact. As a consequence, production yields are greatly improved. Post-Laser process steps are frequently eliminated, translating into parts produced at a level of quality and reliability that cannot be achieved by other manufacturing techniques.

Using water to guide the laser to a given workpiece has the following advantages:

1. The Water Guides the Laser - The application becomes insensitive to the focal plane of the laser. A cylindrical laser beam is created resulting in perfectly parallel walls, tight kerf widths and enabling the user to cut thick or non-flat parts, without having to worry about being in focus.

2. The Water Cools the Material - Heat is generated during laser ablation. When using a conventional laser system, a lot of the laser energy is absorbed by the surrounding material, creating an unwanted heat-affected zone.Synova Laser Microjet in action With an LMJ, much of the energy dissipates into the water and not in the material. There is very little heat-affected zone with the LMJ. Stress-induced conditions such as micro-cracking, thermal damage or deformation are greatly reduced.

3. The Water Cleans the Surface – When using a conventional laser, a portion of a laser-ablated material tends to redeposit and solidify, creating an unwanted slag condition. With the LMJ, the water displaces that material before it solidifies, translating into a much cleaner entrance, wall and exit surfaces without particle deposition or burrs.

MCS 500 Specifications

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