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  • Single Source Technologies Announces Distribution of Millutensil Spotting Presses
    Single Source Technologies (SST), a North American distributor of machinery brands such as Makino, is pleased to announce the addition of Millutensil spotting presses to its offering of advanced die and mold manufacturing solutions. The addition of Millutensil enables SST to offer a highly precise, quick-turn solution for verifying the quality of finished dies and molds, further enhancing customers’ global competitiveness.

  • Hard-Milling Endmills from NS Tool Now Available Through SST
    Today’s mold-making processes require innovative cutting-tool technologies capable of delivering the highest degree of precision, flexibility and efficiency. With its latest line of endmills, NS Tool equips manufacturers with capabilities for boosting productivity and maximizing output in high-performance hard milling.

  • SST Introduces New HyperCut Wire
    SST Consumables Group introduces a new wire, optimized for use on Makino machines with HyperCut technology, including the U3 and U6 wire EDM machines. Together, the wire and HyperCut technology provide superior part accuracy, exceptional surface finish and drastic reductions in cycle time.

  • FCS Modular Clamping System Now Available Through Single Source Technologies
    Single Source Technologies (SST), a North American distributor of machinery brands such as Makino, is pleased to announce the addition of the FCS Modular Clamping System (Breyl) to its product line. This unique clamping system provides unrestricted access to five surfaces of the workpiece and enables operators to spend less time on setups and more time on machining.

  • Single Source Technologies Hosts Regional Southeastern Technology Days
    Single Source Technologies (SST) is set to host a series of two Technology Days at its Greer, South Carolina facility this month to coincide with South-Tec. The first event of the series takes place on Tuesday, October 29, followed by the second event on Wednesday, October 30. Attendance is open to South-Tec participants, as well as local area visitors, from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. ET.

  • Pokolm’s Slotworx Now Available Through Single Source Technologies
    Pokolm’s Slotworx® milling cutters are now available through Single Source Technologies. Slotworx milling cutters offer a complete range of sizes for a variety of applications, including roughing and finishing of steel, aluminum, graphite, plastics and hardened materials. With this product line, Single Source Technologies offers a Slotworx solution for most face-, groove-, pocket-, side- or shoulder-milling needs.

  • Single Source Technologies Offers New MST Slimline Curve Shrink-Fit Tool-Holder System
    Single Source Technologies offers MST’s new Slimline Curve shrink-fit tool-holder systems for “2+3” and simultaneous 5-axis machining applications. The Slimline Curve’s unique design offers minimal deflection, high accuracy and extended tool life even in complicated three-dimensional applications, such as aerospace blisks and medical implants.